Day 12

Day 12 – Well today I have finally completed our trailer. We now have a 16′ double axle utility trailer complete with new lights and wiring, New pressure treated wood floor, aluminum wheels, New Springs and hangers, new hubs and a shiny new license plate. The final thing done was I put four old tires on it.


Not the completed picture but close enough for now.

I used the tires that were on the old Ford truck we have sitting in the yard that needs to be parted out (long story… needed a rebuild and machine shop lied about cost so we let them keep the motor.) I took the tires and rims from the truck and the ones for the trailer (they used to be on another scrap vehicle I had for another project. I have too many.) to the tire place and had them remove the tires from all the rims (they needed to switch places) and I put them back on by myself with my feet and a rubber mallet. Total cost to change 7 tires and rims, $30 and a little labor on my part. 🙂

I am not sure this counts as time bending but that is what my day consisted of. It’s getting hard to think of new things to do. Anyone have any suggestions?

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