Day 10

Day 10 – I tried on my family colors.

My surname is Morris and I am from the Morris clan (somewhere, long ago). I am interested in my heritage but I really don’t know a lot about it. I have tried to discover my origins but I have neither the resources nor the time. I at least know that there is an official Tartan for the Morris Clan.

Since we were at Scarborough fair today it happened that we came across a store selling Kilts. Now I know that they are not absolutely accurate but it is more than I knew before. According to the guy at the store, the modern-day Tartan for the Morris clan is the same as the Buchanan Tartan. Which doesn’t make sense to me really so I did a little digging and sure enough.  I found this on Wiki –
“The Septs (see next paragraph) of Clan Buchanan derive from the first Auselan to use the surname Buchanan, Gilbert, whose father had obtained the Buchanan lands, and his brothers Colman and Methlan, grandson Maurice, and great-grandson Walter.[9]

“Today, sept lists are used by clan societies to recruit new members. Such lists date back to the 19th century, when clan societies and tartan manufacturers attempted to capitalise on the enthusiasm and interest for all things Scottish. Lists were drawn up that linked as many surnames as possible to a particular clan. In this way, individuals without a “clan name” could connect to a Scottish clan and thus feel “entitled” to its tartan.

One modern member of the Lyon Court[who?] has described the attribution of such names to particular clans as sometimes being based upon nothing but imagination, and in others cases upon a single recorded instance of a surname.”

So basically, someone decided at some point that Morris should be under Buchanan. For whatever reason (it remains to be seen by me.)

So I tried on and almost bought the kilt but it was a little on the cheaply made side and I felt that if I was going to buy one that I wanted to get one that was well made and a true representation of my family colors.

Here is what it looked like (the Buchanan, the one I tried on).



This is what I have discovered is what it should look like, depending on which clan my family descends from (which I have no way of knowing at this time.)

wales_morris.jpg   Morris of Wales  –

Morris_of_Balgonie_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_11.jpg   For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Balgonie, have a look here –

Morris_of_Balgonie_Arisaid_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_15.jpg   For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Balgonie; Arisaid, have a look here –

Morris_of_Balgonie_Hunting_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_11.jpg  For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Balgonie; Hunting, have a look here –

Morris_of_Eddergoll_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_15.jpg    For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Eddergoll, have a look here –

Maybe one of these days I will figure it out. Until then I guess I will get one of each and represent a different Morris clan from a different town each time I wear one, depending on how it suits me that day. lol

Thanks for reading!

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