Day 2

Today I pulled a friend out of a ditch. She was coming over for coffee and she went the wrong way to our house. She attempted to turn around and got too far off of the road and got stuck.

Day 2. First time to ever pull someone out of a ditch (or stuck anywhere) with my truck (or any vehicle).



Day 1

Time Bending is a way of living your life in the now. A way of noticing life as it happens and making memories so that when you look back you see things in your past. So that life doesn’t just pass you by and you wonder where it all went.

I have done this a lot in the last two years or so. More so recently. It never occurred to me to do it everyday or that this was what I was doing.

Then I saw this video and realized that this concept is something you can carry out in your daily life to help your life be full.

This will be difficult for me since I am rather secluded from external stimuli most of the time but I am willing to give it a go.

How about you? Are you willing to do something new everyday for at least 100 days? How about 365 days?

My first day I went looking for a bug to eat and learned something. After raining all night, it is really hard to find an insect. lol

I finally found one but I could not bring myself to eat it. It was just too pretty. I think it was a horned beetle. It had iridescent green on it’s back and a little horn. It might have been a dung beetle. I certainly have no clue.

I’ll have to do that another day I guess.

Either way I learned something and did something new.

I also jammed out pretty heavy to some Dub Step (nothing new there. lol) and tried to do a bit of interpretive dance. At some point during the music and the dancing I realized… I’m ALIVE! It’s strange and seems a bit early for an epiphany but it just hit me… I feel alive! I experienced a moment of clarity and it felt great!

So, day one of Time Bending. Tried to dance like the Dubstep dance gods, looked for an insect to eat after a rain.