Rapture or Opression

The Rapture, as defined by my previous belief and also popularly held by the United Pentecostal Church.

The belief that at some undetermined time jesus will return and catch away his bride (like a thief in the night, when you are asleep and unprepared) to live with him for eternity in heaven. Leaving all of those who did not become saved during the time proceeding his arrival to fend for themselves amidst the tribulation times. At which time you will be forced to accept the mark of the beast if you want to live (you can not buy or sell without it). If you accept the mark of the beast you are damned, with no chance of redemption, to burn for an eternity in hell (a place prepared for Satan and the fallen angels). You will also endure all of the grievous plagues that are to be inflicted on the unfaithful and those who accepted the mark as will the beast himself. When one is Raptured, they will fly or float up into the heavens leaving behind their mortal body to be replaced with a new heavenly body that is neither male nor female. It can not ever be afflicted in any way, even age does not affect you. You do not need to eat or sleep and have no need for money.

How can I be included in the Rapture?
You must be saved.

How does one get saved?
You must repent of your sins and be baptized in the name of jesus christ for the remission of your sins and be filled with the Holyghost. This is what is known as being born again.

Can I be lost after I am saved?
Yes. Sin can not enter into the kingdom of heaven. If you have sinned, that sin is with you unless you have repented of that sin.

What is a sin?
Anything unholy or evil. Basically everything that doesn’t have anything to do with God’s holy nature. But you have to leave out all of the incest, murder, stealing, rape, favoritism, glory seeking, lying ways of God. Those don’t count. Only the “good” things count.

What does it mean to repent?
One must turn away from the sin and never do it again. If you ever repeat a sin then you did not repent.

What does it mean to be baptized?
You must have someone that is saved (filled with the “holyghost”) after you have repented and only then, dunk you under water and say the words “I now baptize you in the NAME of Jesus” (Father, Son and Holyghost will not suffice). This is baptism the “correct” way.

What is receiving the Holyghost?
The proper way to receive the holyghost is after you have repented and been baptized the proper way you open up your heart and mind and let the spirit of god flood through your soul. When this happens you will hear strange sounds and words in your mind. This is the holyghost wanting to speak through you. You must submit yourself completely to the holyghost and release your tongue and allow it to talk through you. This is known as speaking in tongues. You do not have the holyghost until you speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is the biblical evidence that you have received the holyghost.
You are not saved until all of these things are completed and then it is only while you are a good boy or girl. If you sin, you must do it all over again (accept you don’t have to be baptized). You know, repent, get the holyghost evidenced by speaking in other tongues.

From age 13 until about age 35 or 36 I believed this with all of my being. I didn’t receive the holyghost until I was around maybe 28. I lived from the age of 13 to 28 +- in fear that the rapture was about to take place and I would be left behind. I actually lied to fellow members of the church and told them that I had gotten the holyghost sometime around 20 because if you don’t have the holyghost, when the sermon ends they will have an alter call and you are expected to go to the alter. Otherwise, they will bring you to the alter and try to pray you through to the holyghost, for your own good of course. I have spent countless hours with my hands raised in the air trying to “find” god and “get” the holyghost so that I would not be lost for eternity. I have had my hands raised for so long that all feeling was gone and someone is on either side of me holding them up for me, praying to get the holyghost. So tired from standing and praying that I can barely talk. You want to talk about abuse, there you go.

I lived in fear that at any moment god would come back and that little thought I had or my last “private moment” would get me left behind. Can you imagine a male teenager with urges, desires and needs believing that all of those things are wrong, evil, unnatural and sinful. Yep, quite a mind fuck. Girlfriends are a no no, you might sin. Thinking it is the same as doing it so if you think it you have to repent just as if you actually did it.

I can distinctly remember my wife and I (fiance at the time) talking about the rapture and that it would probably happen before we could even get married (almost 22 years ago). I remember dream after dream of being left behind and hiding from the evil mark of the beast people (those who accepted the mark) and trying to find food or trying to keep from getting caught.

Did that fear stop once I was saved? Nope, because sure enough, there would be a day once in a while that I would do something that was considered a sin and that would put me in jeopardy of being left behind yet again. You know what the most messed up part of the whole thing was, the fear of being left behind and hell wasn’t even my driving factor. It was disappointing the almighty loving and benevolent god that saw my poor state and sacrificed himself on the cross for my sins. Wasn’t he so thoughtful and nice?!

Some would probably say that I have a bad attitude towards the christian faith, they would probably be correct. It took the best years of my life away from me. I will never get those back. It is now my goal, my purpose in life (not entirely though) to expose all for that crap for what it is. Lies. Lie upon lie to enslave people into submission of one form or another. That is all it is.

Sorry for that bit of bile dripping from my mouth. Let me just wipe that off, there, that’s better.

Not exactly what I posted before but with the combination of FB loosing my post and me thinking about it a little it got me riled a little. lol