Family – Priorities

There’s nothing more important. So , why do we as Americans spend so much time chasing after the “American Dream”?

Why do so many people live in debt to creditors and enter themselves into bond service to their creditors, willingly no less? Some would argue with this analogy and my rebuttal would be, if you are indebted to someone, you really do not earn wages for yourself or your family. Rather you are working for the creditor. If you do not pay your creditor, they will take your house, your car, etc. So as long as you are in debt, you are a slave and can not truly live free.

In these uncertain financial times it is now more important than ever that if you are living in debt, paycheck to paycheck, You need to break the cycle as soon as is possible. Don’t wait until your slave master comes to collect. Do something now. If you have a house payment and could honestly live with less house, or a less nice house and be able to do away with your house payment, you should do so now while it is your choice and while you have room for negotiation. If you wait until you are faced with an ultimatem and half the country is in the same situation as you, things will be much worse and it will be much harder to come out in a favorable situation.

Do you really need the house you are living in?

Could you live with less house?

You would be surprised at how much house you can get if you are willing to live in a smaller, older and more rural house. If you friends don’t want to be friends with you anymore because they don’t like your house then they were never really your friends anyway. True friends don’t care.