The Unexplained

I think that there is a dimension of our existence that is yet to be completely discovered or explained and just because we do not have an explanation does not mean that it is god or has anything to do with god or the god belief.

Who’s to say where our energy goes when we die? No one truly knows yet. It doesn’t matter how much a christian asserts there belief in where it goes or how much an Atheist asserts that it goes no where. the fact remains, no one knows for sure.

When the energy that exists in all living things can be measured and tracked, we’ll be closer to having our answers.

I believe that it is possible that she may have saw something. You can not disprove it and she can not prove it. Whether or not it was real or imagined (only in her brain) really does not detract from the experience that she had.

I wish more people wanted real answers to experiences of this nature rather than just believing it is something supernatural and dropping it. If there were research into these types of things I believe we could find the answer some day.

I’ll give you some examples of things that have personally happened to me that can not be explained.
1. Laying asleep in bed with my back to our door, my wife walks into our room in the dark. I can see her plain as day (even though my head is turned the other way and my back is towards her) walking towards me and when she is about at my butt I reach out and point to her and say I see you. I actually touch her leg with my pointing finger. This happens in my sleep. She, of course, about shites herself because she can barely see anything and thinks that I am asleep (and I am). All of this transpires in a dream like vision in my mind and I don’t even know it is really happening until she screams and wakes me up.

2. When I used to drive a truck years ago I have had this happen many, many times. I would be waiting for an unload (which could be hours, no definite time) and would be sleeping. Moments (about a minute sometimes three) before they would come to knock on my door, I would wake up, sit up in bed and look out through the curtain to see them walking up to knock on my door to let me know they were ready for me.

3. Someone I haven’t talked to in years and suddenly I think of them, they could be an hour away or 20 hours away, and while I am thinking of them the phone rings and it is them. I wasn’t expecting the call, hadn’t talked to them or thought about them and then, just like that.

4. On two distinct occasions I have been in a group setting when someone was asking a question to the group. In my mind I thought the answer and one time they said thank you for the answer and the other said the question wasn’t for me to answer (this one someone was sitting right beside me and knew I hadn’t even made a sound, she was puzzled and I was baffled. I said I hadn’t said anything and she, the person asking the question, said she thought she heard me say … blah blah…).

Simply discounting these things as tricks of the mind is just as useless and unproductive as the christians or anyone saying it was god or supernatural. Why not find out for sure, see the data, quantify it.

Just as we now know that light has a quantifiable speed, that the earth revolves around the sun, that quarks are smaller than atoms, that currently we know there are 118 chemical elements, etc..
there was a time that we did not know these things and they would have been just as foreign 2000 years ago to us as these unexplained things are to us today. This does not make them unreal or supernatural, just, unexplained.

That’s my opinion anyway.

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