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I disagree with – 7 Ways People Know You Aren’t Being Authentic |

People can tell when you aren’t being real. Experts including Jack Canfield and Shawne Duperon explain how to check yourself against these tell-tale signs.

Source: 7 Ways People Know You Aren’t Being Authentic |


I have to disagree with 1 and 5. I don’t see those taking away from someone’s authenticity.

I see those more as personality traits than whether a person is authentic or not.

I believe a person can truly be authentic about their grudge against someone and I also believe that being a perfectionist can be an authentic part of someone’s personality. Not allowing a person to be their true authentic self, if that is part of their personality (even if it is a disorder) would seem to go against what this article is trying to encourage.

People truly, authentically have personality traits (some could be disorders, depending on there severity) that lend themselves to holding grudges or being a perfectionist. I also do not feel that taking care of yourself takes away from someone’s authenticity. Just because someone is struggling with taking care of themselves does not mean they are not authentic.

I will somewhat agree on the other points but I am a little reluctant on the saying yes all the time point. I think that could be something that a person has learned and doesn’t know how to overcome that. They could be genuine and authentic in their intention and desire to be a yes, even if they are not actually able to follow through. I feel it is important to not apply guilt to someone who is being their authentic self, even if their authentic self happens to be a person that goes against what this guy is suggesting is what an authentic person should be like.

If you are a perfectionist and that is truly who you are then take note and try not to let it side track you from the bigger picture but don’t try to be someone else. Be you. Be authentic.

If you hold grudges and you feel that it is justified and it feels right to you. Just know that it should not interfere with your happiness and peace. If that is who you are and you can live a fulfilled life with that grudge, how can anyone say it is not your authentic self.

If you say yes to everything with the full intention of being the embodiment of that yes then you are being authentic. I would encourage you to consider that you may need to learn boundaries and that it hurts your position as being authentic when you are not able to follow through with the yes so maybe you should consider that sometimes you need to say no and that is ok. A good class on boundaries can help you with this. Try a Cuddle Party, they cover this in their workshop before cuddling.

The Five Love Languages Test

An important dynamic in any relationship is being able to communicate successfully to the people you care about that you, well, care.

If you are feeling unloved or someone you love feels that you do not convey your love to them, maybe this test will help you in the right direction.

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The Skinny on Obesity

Family Survival Course

If you are wise and have any knowledge of history you can see the coming financial collapse. You can see the indications of run away inflation already showing their ugly heads.

You’ve noticed that your pay check is smaller and your bills are larger. You see the cost of fuel climbing yet again. You know that all of this is an indication of the value of the dollar and not some greedy 1 percenters trying to squeeze even more from the little people.

So, what will you do about it?

What can you do about it?

Are you prepared for the inevitable?

Maybe you think you are, maybe you are. If you are, you know that there is never any harm in learning more about being prepared. Can you ever really be too prepared?

Check out this Family Survival Course and let me know if you think it is worth the money they are charging for it ($39 when I wrote this). I know I will be ordering it just as soon as I get finished with writing this blog.

Hopefully we will never ever have to face an economic collapse but history does tend to repeat itself when the people forget about it. it seems the human race will never learn.

The 12 Laws of Karma

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