Medical Insurance is not the answer!

It is ludicrous to think that insurance is the answer to our problems regarding health care. The woes we face with health care have to do entirely with the greedy health care industry alone. The sooner people wise up to the actual problem, the sooner we can actually fix the problem.

When we pass a law that requires every person in America to have to get something that they are against, we have crossed the line. The asinine thought that we need the government to look out for our best interest is a dangerous road to destruction. One only has to look at history to see where it leads. Take the Roman Empire for instance.

Can’t people see that we are repeating the exact same mistakes over and over again.

Wake up America!


Religious Symbols

Religious SymbolsTo all of my Christian friends in the world (you know who you are). I may say things that may offend you, I am sorry ahead of time.

I would never say anything to offend you as a person so please don’t take it personally. My views of religion (christian and otherwise) may be somewhat extreme to most.

Having said that, I believe that my beliefs are based in and come from truth. I have no problem with you following your beliefs, it does not bother me and I do not think less of you in any way.

Please just understand that I do not and will not believe the same as you do. It is my journey that has brought me these understandings and beliefs. I accept you as you are, I would hope that you can do the same for me.

I am also willing and able to back everyone of my beliefs with solid proof should I be asked. I try not to discuss religion with my friends because I want my friends to remain my friends and I understand that it may be hard for some to accept my views (even when presented with factual truth). Therefore I do not always share my views.

I also remember how hard it was for me when I discovered the truth and how it felt to have my world crumble around me. I do not wish this on anyone and that is why I refrain from voicing my views and beliefs.

If you ask me (about my beliefs) I will tell you but it will be reluctantly. I believe that faith in something, whatever it may be, whether it is true or false, is an integral part of the human condition and I do not want to falter anyone’s faith. I accept your faith and your belief, that doesn’t mean I agree.

So, please forgive me if I do say something that offends you, it is not my intention, ever.?

Having said that, there are a few things I would like to state.

I do not need saving. I have been down that road and I know what it has and what is there. I followed the bible as it were a literal word from God and that he wanted me to follow it, every jot and tittle as though ti were from the lips of God himself. I studied to shew myself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. I studied day and night, I believed with all of my heart. I had faith that caused people to be healed and miracles to happen before my very eyes, literally. I know the bible and I know christianity (for more than 25 years). Seeing that I know all of this, please understand that there must have been some life changing revelation that occurred in my life to change my beliefs to what they are today. I did not make the change haphazardly without weighing the consequences. I did not suddenly wake up one day and forget everything that I learned, experienced or knew.

It was definitely life changing and it was not an easy road. I do not recommend that path for anyone. Though I will say that since the revelation I have been more at peace, happier and (I believe) a better person than I have ever been. Though it was a painful journey that almost cost me my family my sanity and my life, I would do it again.

You can not change my mind. Nothing you can say can convince me that what I have seen is not what I saw. You can not twist the words in the bible to mean something they where never meant to mean and you can not hide the truth from me concerning the bible. I have seen the light (if you will) and the truth has set me free. I will never be bound by those lies ever again. If you try to change my mind you will likely be inundated with proofs in my rebuttal that will send you down the same road I have traveled and you do not want to go there if you do not have a strong spirit and an understanding spouse/family/friends. So, don’t try to change my mind unless you are willing to accept the real truth yourself.

That is one of my biggest problems with religion (most religions) now that I see things the way they are. Most (not all) are sure that their belief is the right belief and no one can tell them any different (even though someone told them to believe the way they do now, whether or not they admit to it). You are wrong and they are right, end of discussion. Logical reasoning would interject that if you are right then listening to differing opinions or beliefs with an open mind would not sway you from your path. If you are right then it doesn’t matter what others say or what proof is put before your eyes and ears. Unfortunately, what usually happens is they pretend to listen and pretend to think about it but never really do.

Then there are those who when presented with the truth refuse to change because that’s the way they have always done it/believed it and they are not going to change. For instance, I talked with a person last year about christmas (because they kept saying in posts that jesus was the reason for the season and to keep christ in christmas so much in our secular group that I couldn’t take it anymore) and it’s origins and how that it is not a christian holiday no matter how much people try to make it one. They admitted that it was pagan and that jesus wasn’t even born in December and all of the other things that are lies about christmas. They said, my parents (father a preacher/pastor) believed that way and celebrated it and I am going to until I die, even though I know that what you are saying is true. In affect saying also that, even though I know better I will continue to tell lies and spread deceit and insist that everyone believe the lie that jesus is the reason for the season when I know it is a lie. So christian like, don’t you think?

I don’t need your pitty! I am very happy and content with who and what I am. Besides, according to most of your christian beliefs I am saved because at one time I confessed with my mouth and I also received the holyghost with the evidence of speeking in other tongues too. I have also been baptized in jesus’ name so then there is that as well. Basically, I have already done all of the things you think I need to do to go to heaven. So. don’t pitty me or think that I need your pitty.

If you ask my opinion or why I believe something I will answer you. Don’t think I will sugar coat it either. After all, the truth will set you free.

No hard feelings, I just don’t need or want any religion.

To answer some questions that I am sure some may have.

No, I am not an Athiest.

Yes, I believe in God. The supreme creator of all things.

No, I am not a sinner.

No, I do not think it is OK to lie, cheat steal, do anything illegal, etc. and no I did not get my morals from the bible or my previous religious beliefs. My moral beliefs were ingrained in me from the beginning, without being taught.

No, I do not think I am better than everybody, just you. lol Just kidding.

By the way, I really love you all and I really do not want to offend or hurt anyone. However, I must speak the truth and I must speak what I beleive, just don’t take it as a personal attack on you because it is not.

OK, I am glad I got that out of the way. Anymore questions?