Enlightened Connection

I just sat down to have a bite to eat and thought I would take a minute to watch a video (which I never do, by the way. Usually the TV stays off until the evening when I am sitting down to call it a day.) I just did a search for the first thing that came to mind which was Enlightened Connection. I skipped over many videos that just didn’t seem to call out to me. Then I came across this video. Nothing about it seemed special from the description on my TV but I thought… meh… what the heck.

It took me a bit to get dialed in and connected to the speaker but once he started speaking about his subject it got a lot easier.

All I can say is this guy is talking about what happened to me a little over a week ago and the way he explains it is spot on.

Something happened to me last week, I feel I see things differently and that I see myself differently. I see myself in a way that I never knew was an option. I have never known of or heard of anyone talk about the things I have come to realize on a level I now know. I realize and accept that I am unique in this world on a level that most will never understand (and we all are. but most will not ever experience the clarity of this truth.)

If you can set aside 20 minutes or so to really be present with this video, I hope you can hear what he is saying.

Ascending to the “next level”, so to speak. Becoming truly self aware *should (once you recognize the need) be a goal for everyone everywhere.

May you be enlightened.

*I say should because I see it as an obligation that everyone has. As the speaker points out in the video.
1. There is a need
2. You recognize the need
3. It’s an authentic need
4. You are the only one that can meet that need.

Everything is the first time

Everything is the first time.

Just think about that for a while…

OK… now that you have had some time to think about this I would like to add a few thoughts to further your thinking.

Even if you have done something 100 times, it has never really been the same experience every time.
Every moment that you exist you are changing. You are not the same as you were before you read that last sentence. You have ingested new knowledge, new air, new thoughts. Basically we are in a constant state of change and with each and every moment we are experiencing everything for the first time.
Think about it. When your child forgets to do a chore for what seems like the hundredth time, the same chore you have reminded them to do a hundred times before. It really isn’t the same as the time before. New experiences have come and gone for your child, for you, for the entire universe. Rather than get angry, exasperated, sad or whatever. Just remember, it’s the first time this has happened just exactly like it has happened.
Everyone and everything deserves a second chance, right? Well, they will never get it because everything is the first time. So, maybe you should cut yourself and everyone else some slack when things don’t work out like you want them to.  
Perhaps you should also be more present in the moment and realize what is new for you right now, in this moment. Now, this moment. Really, I meant this moment. Well, you get the idea (hopefully).
Live your life and realize, everything is the first time.