Car Toys – Irving – USACI and DB Drag

First Place
First Place
I Brought home first place in Super Port Wars! Yeah!

Unfortunately, it was kind of by default because no one else competed in Super Port Wars. Though I am still proud of the trophy. I hit 154.7 db (I think, I’ll correct it if it is wrong). I was expecting around 151 db so I am happy with that.

I competed in SPL (got a 137.5 db) but the others who were competing in my class were way higher in their SPL (3rd place was around 147 db) which is what I expected. Second place winner of the SPL competition in my class also competed in Port Wars (note, not Super Port Wars) and had a 151 (or there about) and took first place (he was also the only competitor in Port Wars). Because of the size of my ports I could not compete in the Port Wars class (the globe will not fit in my port) and had to go to Super Port Wars class.

Since this is only the third USACI competition I have been in, I have learned a few things. I learned that next time I will register and compete in Db Drag, Super Port Wars, and the SPL round. There is something called Bass Race that I might compete in as well but I need to learn more about it first. I also learned that I have put myself into a class that it would be better if I had a wall up to the B Pillar.

The Modified class allows modifications up to the B Pillar so I am up against guys who have walls of 9 plus subs that are right behind their heads. They have much less air space to compress in their listening areas (not complaining, just an observation) which helps them achieve their high SPL numbers.

I know what I need to do to be competitive in this class but i am not ready to give up my back seat just yet. I think I may do some competing in the DB Drag events and see how that goes.

I’ll add more picture to the album later.

Winner's Circle
Winner's Circle

USACI at Car Toys in Irving

Kenwood is sponsoring a USACI event at the Irving Car Toys tomorrow – 06-13-09.

Irving Car Toys phone number – 972-255-7480
address – 3301 W Airport Freeway, Irving, TX 75062

I called today and spoke with someone at Car Toys to verify that this event is happening and they said yes. They did not know what time the event will start but said it may start as early as 9:00 AM. He said that it will cost $25 to enter and another $5 if you wish to compete in more than one class.

Tell everyone you know and let’s have a good turn out.

Hope to see you there.