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The lesser of two evils…

“If you refuse to answer your assailant when he asks if you’d rather be beaten with a club or a whip, then you have no right to complain about being assaulted.”

This article nicely (well, not nicely as in nice because they are not really all that nice about it but they do do a good job) puts into words what I can’t about why I choose to not vote. I refuse to vote and participate in a system where you must decide on the lesser of two evils.

If I feel confident about a candidate, I will vote for that candidate, otherwise I choose not to participate. Even when I do it’s not very likely that the person I voted for will win because they are usually not one of the major parties.

If you feel like I have no right to complain about the outcome if I don’t participate, read this article and maybe you’ll see things from a different perspective.

“If you refuse to answer your assailant when he asks if you’d rather be beaten with a club or a whip, then you have no…

Posted by Gary Morris Jr. on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another article on the same subject ->

I don’t know about “nailed it” but… it is entertaining. lol  By the way, this could be done with any candidate. It…

Posted by Gary Morris Jr. on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Freedom in the 50 states 2013

Illegal Gun Ownership

I think one thing that would help in the effort to stop illegal ownership would be a national database where people could report their stolen guns if they wanted to (but only if they wanted to). Right now, there is no way for us Gun Dealers (or anyone for that matter) to know if the gun they are buying from an individual is stolen or not.

Sure, there are sites that will let you pay them to check their database of stolen guns but that is just one site and it all depends on if someone knew about that site and actually reported it to that site.

You shouldn’t have to pay for this, this should be a free service to everyone and should be available to everyone, just like the NICS service is available to dealers, so should a national database for stolen guns be available to anyone that wishes to signup.

This wouldn’t stop illegal gun ownership but I think it might slow down the theft of guns if when a person showed up with a stolen gun to sell to you if you were able to call a number or login to a web site and presto, you knew whether it was stolen or not.

No individual or company that wants to be on the outside of a jail cell would dare buy a gun that was listed as stolen, even if it was a really good price (a steal, if you will).

Make the database available to anyone so that an individual could check before they bought the gun from another individual too.

Most people who own guns legally would not willingly sell their guns to someone that shouldn’t have them so I think that the bulk of illegal gun ownership stems from stolen gun sales. I have no proof of this, it is only my opinion.

Perhaps I will start just such a database and make it free to everyone. If it was designed correctly and made available to everyone, I believe it could stem the illegal ownership of guns.


Medical Insurance is not the answer!

It is ludicrous to think that insurance is the answer to our problems regarding health care. The woes we face with health care have to do entirely with the greedy health care industry alone. The sooner people wise up to the actual problem, the sooner we can actually fix the problem.

When we pass a law that requires every person in America to have to get something that they are against, we have crossed the line. The asinine thought that we need the government to look out for our best interest is a dangerous road to destruction. One only has to look at history to see where it leads. Take the Roman Empire for instance.

Can’t people see that we are repeating the exact same mistakes over and over again.

Wake up America!


This year is a milestone for everyone in our family.

I turned 40.

Morgan turned 18.

Kaitlyn will turn 13.

Lora will turn XX.

Yesterday our little gun store had it’s one year anniversary.

We all started taking Aikido classes.

Morgan will finish school (maybe) and will start driving by himself (soon).

Morgan had his first breakup (she broke up with him) and broke up with someone else.

We got a personal loan earlier in the year so that we could build our credit up and then we bought a used car (awesome 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara) on credit. The first things we have had to make payments on in years. This is actually a big step for us. I am not to big on being in debt to anyone.

With our new found credit worthiness we must have peeked the USDA’s interest because they are now going to garnish Lora’s wages if we do not enter into some type of agreement on a pay back plan for a loan that we defaulted on in 2001. They have been taking our income tax refund every year to pay it off, you’d think that was enough but obviously it is not. They would rather see us on welfare and food stamps as long as they get their money.

Wow, what a year and it’s only September. Life zips by so quickly it is hard to know what is most important outside of family. it won’t be much longer before it is just Lora and I. Then what? When we don’t have them around to focus our attention and rearing expertise that we have gained and honed over the years, then what.

Hopefully our gun store will get to the point that we can have someone else mange it and have a chance to enjoy some time together for a change. Maybe we will get a chance to do a little traveling or get to take a vacation for the first time.

Whatever life has in store, I guess we will find out in due time. Though life is great and full of experiences that build who you are, the concept of life on an eternal scale seems so meaningless. No matter what religion you are, this life is too short to make a difference in the overall scheme of things. Even if you believe in an afterlife, what good does having so few years do when compared to all of time. It makes my life seem so pointless. In a thousand years I won’t even enter the radar of my descendants or anyone else for that matter. I hope that I am around in a thousand years to enjoy my descendants. To see their lives and be a part somehow.

no one knows for sure what happens after you die. No matter how much you believe or how sure you are of your God or religion, no one knows for sure.

So, regardless, you must live your life for this life.

I am glad that time of the year is over.

Every year I have to endure as person after person spouts ignorance to the masses regarding Christmas. Every year I usually have to say something to someone at least once before it is all said and done.

Why can’t people just enjoy the holidays without trying to convince everyone and their brother that it is Jesus’ birthday or that Jesus is the reason for the season?!!

For Christ’s sake people (pun intended), look it up. In this day and age of freely available resources almost anything is waiting at your finger tips to be learned.

I know they mean well, frankly I don’t care. What really baffles me is those who know it isn’t his birthday and know that the holiday has it’s roots in Pagan celebration and still say that “Jesus is the reason for the season”. Can someone explain that to me?

Seriously, if you are a confessed Christian and you confess that you know that Jesus was not born at this time and you confess that you know that Christmas was a Pagan celebration originally, could you in good conscious with your God continue to tell everyone that Jesus is the reason for the season and that you are celebrating his birthday? Isn’t that the same thing as lying? Doesn’t God look down on that?

One or two years ago my family and I celebrated our first Christmas/Yule. Why you may ask did we celebrate it if we are against it.

Well, I am not against it. That’s just it. I am against misinformation. I have no problem with Christmas, I do have a problem when people try to say it is all because of Jesus that we have Christmas. Nothing could be further from the facts and it really bothers me that people continue to live in ignorance even to this day. People actually know the truth and still proclaim that is all about him.

Well, that is what has been on my mind of late.

Things are coming along with our Gun business. Since September we have sold 7 guns and someone is coming by tomorrow to possibly buy another one. I am looking forward to being able to finish the Gun Store soon so that we can start filling it with guns and armor to sell.

I am looking forward to the new year and I am hopeful. Even though things are not looking good for our country. I believe that ultimately, things will turn out for the best. We may have some hard times ahead of us but it is hard times that bring people together in unity. Too long this nation has been slowly loosing it’s unity. This (the enslaving of us and our children to the government in the name of bail outs and insurance for the poor.) just might be the catalyst needed to bring everyone together again.

Blessings and Peace to all through the coming year.

Too Busy

I have been a little busy lately but I do have plenty to write about. I will have to carve out some time in the next few weeks to make a few posts.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I have used the new SPL equipment, been to another competition, My son bought a stolen car, I became a victim of identity theft, looked at a few cars for sale on craigslist, been accepted by the ATF for an FFL, bought materials to build a Gun Shop, had one of Kaitlyn’s friends stay over for more than a week (boy was that an experience), and more. I don’t have time to write about anything right now but I will soon.

I also want to talk about religion and politics a little if I can work that in.

Oh, yes, and I must write a bit about getting ready for the coming school year.

Got to go.

Ordered a new SPL Measurement instrument

Last Friday I ordered a microphone from Make it Louder so that I can see where I can improve my sound system for competition.

This device is supposed to be very accurate and able to withstand decibel levels up to 186 DB. You can use this device with just a multimeter or you can download their free software and use it’s real time anylizer. They also have a paid version of the software that allows a closer look at a more precise display of frequecies.

As soon as I get a chance I will give a report on this equipment.

Car Toys – Irving – USACI and DB Drag

First Place

First Place

I Brought home first place in Super Port Wars! Yeah!

Unfortunately, it was kind of by default because no one else competed in Super Port Wars. Though I am still proud of the trophy. I hit 154.7 db (I think, I’ll correct it if it is wrong). I was expecting around 151 db so I am happy with that.

I competed in SPL (got a 137.5 db) but the others who were competing in my class were way higher in their SPL (3rd place was around 147 db) which is what I expected. Second place winner of the SPL competition in my class also competed in Port Wars (note, not Super Port Wars) and had a 151 (or there about) and took first place (he was also the only competitor in Port Wars). Because of the size of my ports I could not compete in the Port Wars class (the globe will not fit in my port) and had to go to Super Port Wars class.

Since this is only the third USACI competition I have been in, I have learned a few things. I learned that next time I will register and compete in Db Drag, Super Port Wars, and the SPL round. There is something called Bass Race that I might compete in as well but I need to learn more about it first. I also learned that I have put myself into a class that it would be better if I had a wall up to the B Pillar.

The Modified class allows modifications up to the B Pillar so I am up against guys who have walls of 9 plus subs that are right behind their heads. They have much less air space to compress in their listening areas (not complaining, just an observation) which helps them achieve their high SPL numbers.

I know what I need to do to be competitive in this class but i am not ready to give up my back seat just yet. I think I may do some competing in the DB Drag events and see how that goes.

I’ll add more picture to the album later.

Winner's Circle

Winner's Circle

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