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Day 10

Day 10 – I tried on my family colors.

My surname is Morris and I am from the Morris clan (somewhere, long ago). I am interested in my heritage but I really don’t know a lot about it. I have tried to discover my origins but I have neither the resources nor the time. I at least know that there is an official Tartan for the Morris Clan.

Since we were at Scarborough fair today it happened that we came across a store selling Kilts. Now I know that they are not absolutely accurate but it is more than I knew before. According to the guy at the store, the modern-day Tartan for the Morris clan is the same as the Buchanan Tartan. Which doesn’t make sense to me really so I did a little digging and sure enough.  I found this on Wiki –
“The Septs (see next paragraph) of Clan Buchanan derive from the first Auselan to use the surname Buchanan, Gilbert, whose father had obtained the Buchanan lands, and his brothers Colman and Methlan, grandson Maurice, and great-grandson Walter.[9]

“Today, sept lists are used by clan societies to recruit new members. Such lists date back to the 19th century, when clan societies and tartan manufacturers attempted to capitalise on the enthusiasm and interest for all things Scottish. Lists were drawn up that linked as many surnames as possible to a particular clan. In this way, individuals without a “clan name” could connect to a Scottish clan and thus feel “entitled” to its tartan.

One modern member of the Lyon Court[who?] has described the attribution of such names to particular clans as sometimes being based upon nothing but imagination, and in others cases upon a single recorded instance of a surname.”

So basically, someone decided at some point that Morris should be under Buchanan. For whatever reason (it remains to be seen by me.)

So I tried on and almost bought the kilt but it was a little on the cheaply made side and I felt that if I was going to buy one that I wanted to get one that was well made and a true representation of my family colors.

Here is what it looked like (the Buchanan, the one I tried on).



This is what I have discovered is what it should look like, depending on which clan my family descends from (which I have no way of knowing at this time.)

wales_morris.jpg   Morris of Wales  –

Morris_of_Balgonie_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_11.jpg   For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Balgonie, have a look here –

Morris_of_Balgonie_Arisaid_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_15.jpg   For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Balgonie; Arisaid, have a look here –

Morris_of_Balgonie_Hunting_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_11.jpg  For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Balgonie; Hunting, have a look here –

Morris_of_Eddergoll_Modern_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_15.jpg    For all the Tartan examples for Morris of Eddergoll, have a look here –

Maybe one of these days I will figure it out. Until then I guess I will get one of each and represent a different Morris clan from a different town each time I wear one, depending on how it suits me that day. lol

Thanks for reading!

Day 9

Day 9 –  I told the tire guy I was not happy with the tire he wanted to sell me.

I stopped by the used tire place to buy a spare tires for our new to us truck. The guy brought out a tire and kept saying this is a good tire, it will work good for a spare. I didn’t like it and in the past I would have went along with him and accepted the tire (because I didn’t want to make him feel bad and it was just a spare after all). But, somehow I was able to speak up for myself and not accept less than I wanted (yay me!). I made him go back and keep looking until he found one I liked. Now that is a first. 🙂

Day 8

Day 8 – A day late. lol

Well, my new experience for today (well actually yesterday) is food poisoning. Yep, I don’t believe I have ever had food poisoning. If I have it wasn’t anything like this. I was in bed for over 30 hours and I am still not back to full strength. Boy that takes a lot out of a person. I though I was going to have to go to the hospital several times (and maybe should have) but I made it through. 🙂

Just goes to show you that you can not trust what you buy at the stores. This was from a new package of bratwurst and some mac and cheese. Luckily, I was the only one that had any so the rest of the family did not suffer the same fate. They just had to suffer (Lora said i sound like an ogre roaring while getting its throat cut, when I throw up. lol Pretty accurate description. ) through my sickness and baby the big baby. lol

Day 7

Day 7 – Today is my birthday. 🙂

Today I ate lunch with a friend at a new (to me) barbecue place and she bought lunch. 🙂

I drove my truck to Dallas for the first time (that was rather interesting. It is so big, it was interesting trying to find a parking place and turning around. Good grief!)

Helped a friend diagnose some problems. Never found the solution but we found lots of things that were not the problem. 🙂

I love all of my family and friends. You guys really are special to me. 🙂

Day 6

Day 6 – Sat in a massage chair for 15 minutes. I have never done that and wanted to so I did. 🙂

They are not for me. Not really pleasant and not comfortable. I actually felt more tense at the end than I did before I started.

Day 5

Day 5 – I took care of myself and said ‘no’ when I was a no rather than accept someone else’s arbitrary rules on me.  I had an altercation with an attendant of a laundry mat about being barefoot. lol

So, since we halted remodeling of our bathroom/laundry room (we decided to build new) we have had to take our clothes to the laundry mat. Since I go barefoot almost everywhere it never even crossed my mind that this would be a place that would have a rule about the wearing of shoes (seriously, a laundry mat).

I was putting clothes into one of the washers and they had country music on loud enough that I wouldn’t be able to ignore it so I went to ask if they would be willing to turn it down or change the station. As I am walking up to ask her she says… “you’re going to have to put shoes on”. LOL!!  My ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) kicked into full overdrive and that is about the time I decided we would be going somewhere else and that this was going to be fun. lol

I was feeling pretty good so I made it a point to state my point of view about shoes and enquire about why they require shoes. She said all the same old tired arguments and I proceeded to school her. It got kind of heated on her end and she was pretty flustered before it was all over. She eventually said it was a health issue and I laughed and asked if people were eating here with their feet. lol

I was a good bit of fun. lol

So, I stood up for the right to go barefoot and for my choice to do business where I want to. Later on, Lora, Kaitlyn and myself walked into Walmart barefoot and not a single person took note or said a word.

It really cracks me up when people try to play a power trip over you when they do not have the authority to do it. I think she really thought she was going to make me wear shoes. lol!

I don’t know if I made a point or not but there were plenty of other customers there that at least heard logical reasoning as to why their rules are silly.

I have no problem with people having rules for their businesses. I will gladly take my business elsewhere if I disagree with them.

Day 5 was fun!

Day 4

Day 4 – 3 hours of me/mind time.

I spent three hours today in mindful self consideration and contemplation. I took time to look at myself and reflect on my views and feelings and also evaluated how protective I am of my daughter and whether that is misplaced. I considered other aspects of my life and gave time for thoughts to just go where they may. I can’t say that I had any great epiphanies or insights but it was different.

Day 3

I’m a day late posting day 3 but it did happen on day 3. lol

Today (or rather yesterday) I ate a Pill bug (rolly polly). It was rather crunchy and didn’t taste like anything.

I am grateful for not being “mainstream” in that I am able to eat an insect without feeling like it is gross or disgusting. It was actually kind of pleasant and I would do it again for sure except next time I will eat more of them at once so that maybe I can taste them.

Day 2

Today I pulled a friend out of a ditch. She was coming over for coffee and she went the wrong way to our house. She attempted to turn around and got too far off of the road and got stuck.

Day 2. First time to ever pull someone out of a ditch (or stuck anywhere) with my truck (or any vehicle).



Day 1

Time Bending is a way of living your life in the now. A way of noticing life as it happens and making memories so that when you look back you see things in your past. So that life doesn’t just pass you by and you wonder where it all went.

I have done this a lot in the last two years or so. More so recently. It never occurred to me to do it everyday or that this was what I was doing.

Then I saw this video and realized that this concept is something you can carry out in your daily life to help your life be full.

This will be difficult for me since I am rather secluded from external stimuli most of the time but I am willing to give it a go.

How about you? Are you willing to do something new everyday for at least 100 days? How about 365 days?

My first day I went looking for a bug to eat and learned something. After raining all night, it is really hard to find an insect. lol

I finally found one but I could not bring myself to eat it. It was just too pretty. I think it was a horned beetle. It had iridescent green on it’s back and a little horn. It might have been a dung beetle. I certainly have no clue.

I’ll have to do that another day I guess.

Either way I learned something and did something new.

I also jammed out pretty heavy to some Dub Step (nothing new there. lol) and tried to do a bit of interpretive dance. At some point during the music and the dancing I realized… I’m ALIVE! It’s strange and seems a bit early for an epiphany but it just hit me… I feel alive! I experienced a moment of clarity and it felt great!

So, day one of Time Bending. Tried to dance like the Dubstep dance gods, looked for an insect to eat after a rain.

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